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January 30th, 2007 at 09:18 am

I found some change lurking on my desk...bringing my grand total to $12.46. :-)

I get paid this Friday (it's on a biweekly basis). I need to budget for a prescription ($10 a month...I have to remember to call it in on Thursday so I can pick it up either on Friday or Saturday). At least $30 will go to the checking account, some will go in the ziplock baggie, the rest will go for groceries and whatever cleaning supplies I need.

CC bill should be coming in soon...ugh. My goal for February is to not charge ANYTHING. Think I can make it? :-p Maybe, maybe not...usually when my goal is to charge nothing, something always comes up...maybe my goal should be to charge no more than $20.

I need a new pair of jeans...I only have 3 pairs, and my favorite one has a hole in it, now. I have a gift card for J.C. Penney's, so I think I'll wait for a couple of weeks to see what kind of sales they've got going on for February.

I also need to budget for one of those portfolio folder things...I forget what they are called, but you stick your resume in them. I should go to the college bookstore and price them...they have really fancy ones with the school emblem on the front in gold. The ones I saw at Wal-Mart were not only cheap but they looked it, too...I'd rather spend a couple extra dollars to look like I care rather than walk in to an interview with something vinyl, lol.

Ugh...job search.

I think I'm going to go through my car and see if I can find some more change. I haven't done that in a while, so there may be some lurking around.

American Idol tonight! I know, I know...but I do love it. I think I'll whip up some chicken cutlets with some Asian inspired sauce, and a salad for dinner. Of course, I still have a TON of leftovers from Sunday...maybe I'll just have some more of that. That'll probably be better...yes, I'll make a sandwich and a salad. The chicken cutlets will be for tomorrow...maybe...my best friend is coming to visit on Thursday, so we might end up going out for dinner (someplace cheap, of course!).

I think I'm good for now. :-) How are y'all doing?


January 28th, 2007 at 10:08 am

Good news! I have $12.22 in my savings ziplock baggie. I put in any extra dollar bills and coins (other than quarters) in every week...and the $12.22 is after two weeks of savings. The plan is that when I get $20, it goes into the bank.

I also deposited $119 into the bank...it'll be gone soon, as it's to pay for my books for this semester, which were put on my CC, and the bill will be coming in sometime this week. Yuck. At least I know that I'm covered.

Also got a bit of an early birthday/graduation gift...my TV blew out last week, so my parents bought me a new one this weekend. Not that I need a TV, but it's nice to have one!

Hmmm. I think that's all for right now.

first birthday of my financial blog...

January 25th, 2007 at 07:34 am

Hello, everyone! Let me introduce myself.

I'm O.G. (Ozzy Gurl...it's a long story about how I decided that to be my forum and blog name). I'm 20 years old, and I graduate in May with a B.A. degree. I have around $600 in my checking account, $7 in my wallet, and that seems to be about it. I made some stupid financial decisions last year, and am now struggling to save so that I can afford emergencies, necessities, and maybe the odd little splurge.

Luckily, I am not in debt. If I don't absolutely need something, then I don't buy it. I have a credit card with a $500 limit, and try not to whip it out. I did use it this month to purchase textbooks, but I'm already covered in my checking account to pay for the bill entirely when it comes in.

I have a minimum wage job on campus (10 hours a week), and am desperately searching for a PT job until I graduate, and then a FT job that might be the first building block to a hopefully successful and happy career. I also have an extra income of $500 a month, but that is unreliable. For the month of January, I won't be receiving it, but hope that I'll have it in February, March, and April.

I go in spurts...I think saving is fun for a while, and then I feel the desperate need to buy something...ANYTHING...to prove that my life is more than just sitting in my room and staring at pennies. I am slowly changing that mindset, but it is a journey and one that I am ready to share.

Thank you for reading (if you have made it this far), and I look forward to joining this community!