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first birthday of my financial blog...

January 25th, 2007 at 07:34 am

Hello, everyone! Let me introduce myself.

I'm O.G. (Ozzy Gurl...it's a long story about how I decided that to be my forum and blog name). I'm 20 years old, and I graduate in May with a B.A. degree. I have around $600 in my checking account, $7 in my wallet, and that seems to be about it. I made some stupid financial decisions last year, and am now struggling to save so that I can afford emergencies, necessities, and maybe the odd little splurge.

Luckily, I am not in debt. If I don't absolutely need something, then I don't buy it. I have a credit card with a $500 limit, and try not to whip it out. I did use it this month to purchase textbooks, but I'm already covered in my checking account to pay for the bill entirely when it comes in.

I have a minimum wage job on campus (10 hours a week), and am desperately searching for a PT job until I graduate, and then a FT job that might be the first building block to a hopefully successful and happy career. I also have an extra income of $500 a month, but that is unreliable. For the month of January, I won't be receiving it, but hope that I'll have it in February, March, and April.

I go in spurts...I think saving is fun for a while, and then I feel the desperate need to buy something...ANYTHING...to prove that my life is more than just sitting in my room and staring at pennies. I am slowly changing that mindset, but it is a journey and one that I am ready to share.

Thank you for reading (if you have made it this far), and I look forward to joining this community!

13 Responses to “first birthday of my financial blog...”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Welcome glad you joined us. It is smart to be thinking of your finances at such a young age. I did too and life has been great for me.

  2. fern Says:

    "I go in spurts...I think saving is fun for a while, and then I feel the desperate need to buy something..."

    Ohhh, this is SO like me. I fight urges to buy stuff, then it's not too hard for a while, comes and goes in cycles...whats UP with that???

  3. JanH Says:

    Welcome! The buying bug bites me, too! Congratulations on being so close to graduation!

  4. ozzy gurl Says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I am so excited to be here.

  5. nanamom Says:

    Welcome Welcome. Maybe you should start a small splurge fund for those spend times. Maybe a change jar if you aren't already doing that.

  6. Mary Ann Says:

    Hello and welcome! It's nice to hear about someone so young thinking about their finances! Hope to read more about you! Good luck.

  7. fairy74 Says:

    Welcome Ozzy gurl! The spending bug hits me sometimes too, I think nanamom's suggestion is a good one..

  8. Broken Arrow Says:

    Welcome! Good for you for thinking ahead at such a young age. I wish I did that. Big Grin

  9. ozzy gurl Says:

    Hi everyone!

    I actually did start a change jar last week...except it is more like a change ziplock baggie at the moment...but hey, it is something!

    Again, thanks for all of the encouragement. :-)

  10. T_I_N_A20 Says:

    Welcome!! Looking forward to see more of your post and I'll be watching your improvement! =)

  11. Carolina Bound Says:

    Welcome aboard! There is a lot of great support here. Look forward to your posts!

  12. LuxLiving Says:

    Look out world here comes Ozzy Gurl!!

    Glad you're here!

    Make yourself a list & keep it handy of non-spendy things to do when the pennies begin to close in on you! Smile

  13. jersey jen Says:

    Welcome! Keep up updated with your progress!

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